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Welcome to Magnuson Mazzoni Center PLLC

Achieve Inner tranquility

Welcome!! You have taken the first step on your path of healing and overcoming your obstacles. You struggle to get out of bed. You feel totally disconnected from your loved ones including your kids. You fear any day that your spouse will file for divorce, leave you and take the kids. You are constantly living in a world where you are anxious about every next move. All you want is to have some peace of mind in your day-to-day life and relationships. You are looking to feel secure in your romantic relationship while strengthing your connection and being fully present with your kids. You want to get out of bed feeling content about life and what the day has to offer. You want to look forward to life and have a purpose again. You have come to the right place!

How Can I Help Support You?

 I have helped individuals, couples, and families find healing, connection, and wholeness. I believe you already possess what is needed to achieve the goals you are looking to accomplish with therapy and my job is to partner with you to tap into your strength. I want to be there for you through your journey of healing and achieving your full potential in life! Therapy is a partnership that can provide an opportunity for personal growth, healing, and transformation. The therapy I provide is evidence-based with holistic methods. Call Today for your FREE 30-min. consultation!